Velvet Saddle Pad Ludvig Verde Dressage
Velvet Saddle Pad Ludvig Verde Dressage

Velvet Saddle Pad Ludvig Verde Dressage

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Gorgeous House of Horses Saddle Pad in old turquoise emerald colored velvet, detailed with luxurious cords of silver, gold, pink/white/grey. This saddle pad is inspired by the beauty of French antique interiors, rococo sofas and Ludvig XIV who was the king in the court of Versailles in the 17th century. He was also known as The Sun King. Make your horse look as noble as Ludvig in this beautiful luxurious saddle pad!

- Size FULL , shape dressage
- Measurements: 58cm x 54cm
- Small cute PU patch with HoH logo print 
- light grey backstroke 
- Luxury glitter cords
- Color: Ludvig Verde
- Material: velvet, filling 400 gr polyester + 5 mm foam
- Inner fabric: 100% cotton, honeycomb fabric which dries quickly
Designed in Finland
Made in Italy
In a picture jumping saddle pad



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