22.5.2020 - Irene Häggkvist

The design process of La Vie en Rose Hoodie

Since the beginning of HoH flowers have been a crucial part of our aesthetics. Our store and fair stands always have flower walls and flower bouquets - in pink of course! It has become a signature detail to our brand. Last fall I started visioning a loose fit oversize hoodie that would have some girly details. As big hoodies tend to be very masculine I wanted to bring some feminine touch to it and also an embroidery. My factory contacts in Turkey said they have a really good embroidery machine, so I could start to think what it could be. For weeks the thought stayed in my mind, details like stars, unicorns and ribbons going back and forth.

One evening I watched (for a tenth time maybe..) A Star is Born movie which I love! There Lady Gaga sings the iconic song of the French artist Edith Piaf. La Vie En Rose. I went for a walk with my dog Dolly and when I came back the idea was ready. La Vie En Rose - life full of roses. Something that hits the core of HoH too - it’s a like a positive state of mind and a peaceful place. Though life gets tough you can always enjoy the small things and beauty around you. Now in these Covid-19 times it has been more important than ever - to appreciate friends, family, health and beauty of everyday life. So I came home and draw the hoodie to my iPad Pro. That was the beginning of La Vie en Rose. Our factory in Turkey has done amazing job, you can find the embroidery process from our manufacturing highlights in Instagram too. The hoodies are available for preorders and will be in stock at the end of May, both in grey and pink.


Actually, I have to tell you one other thing too.. The print came so popular that during the summer we will be launching it also on a cap and Tee! Stay tuned 🤩

Lots of Love,


Founder and designer of HoH

HoH Shop-in-Shop in Hipposport

14.5.2020 Johanna Kujala

Hi Everyone! I want to tell you about HoH's first shop-in-shop department, which opened in February at the equestrian equipment store Hipposport. 🤩

Hipposport is located in Southern Finland, Espoo. The store is surrounded by a wonderful rustic idyllic landscape with stables. Still, it is only a short distance from Helsinki.

The shop-in-shop concept must take into account the size of the department and how to optimize it. It was very important to make the department compact which combines commercial presentation with the brand image. Even small details matter. ✨

From Hipposport you will find our entire collection - it’s a really cute little HoH store. We are super pleased with the outcome. The wonderful part is that the professional and helpful staff wants to offer their customers experiential shopping experience. Simply love it. 💕 

Lots of love,

What To Do If You Can’t Ride

28.04.2020 - Alara Baykent

Right now the most difficult part of quarantine for me is not being able to ride, because every day out of the saddle is a day spent without improving my riding or my horsemanship skills. During this time spent without horses, I have been doing some things that make me feel like my horsemanship and riding skills are improving.

1. Watching riding and horsemanship related videos on platforms like WeHorse. There are many free tutorial and how-to videos on YouTube too!

2. Taking online courses related to horse care; such as Equine Nutrition and Equine First Aid.

3. If you own a horse, but can’t ride you can still have a good time with your horse and improve your relationship and bond by getting into liberty work and groundwork!

4. Doing rider specific exercises and stretches to prepare myself for the next rides! Now is a good time to fix any imbalance I have had! I know my horse will thank me later!

5. Watching horse related movies and TV series on Netflix!

These 5 tips could help you go through this no-riding period! And remember to always stay positive, we got this! 💕

Home HIIT workout

24.4.20 - Elina kytilä

Hi everybody,

last time we had abs workout for riders and this time I thought that we could do a high intensity interval training  that you can do at home with your own body weight.

HIIT is super effective workout that improves your oxygen uptake, challenges muscles and speeds up your metabolism even hours after the workout! 

Now during Corona we might have more time than normally, but this workout doesn’t take much time so you can keep doing this also when the situation gets normal again 🤩 This is also super motivating because you can always challenge yourself to do one rep more than last time or work quicker 🙌🏼

The idea is to work those 30 seconds on as high intensity that you can and do as many reps that you can. For example on a pistol squat you go up and down for 30 sec as fast as you can and then you take the 10 sec rest and continue to the next movement. 

Do 4 rounds 💦

Here we go!

1. Burbee (work 30 sec, rest 10 sec)
2. Pistol squat (work 30 sec rest 30 sec)
3. Hip thrust with one leg (15 reps per a leg rest 10 sec)
4. Mountain climber (work 30 sec rest 3 minutes)

Lots of Love


Corona abs workout for riders

17.4.20 - Elina Kytilä

Hi guys,

during this exceptional situation we might not be able to go to the gym or to the barn and ride. I wanted to show you an easy abs workout that you can do at home and make sure you are good to go when you get back in the saddle! This is an awesome workout to do for example after a jog.

This movement set is called "core destroyer". Try it out and you know why! This exercise is really good for riders, because it strengthens all the abdominal muscles and also the internal abs that are super important for riders to be able to keep your core in control while riding. 

Do 10 reps and continue straight to the next movement. On the last movement where you are riding "air bicycle" keep doing it as long as you can.  Then keep 60 seconds break and do the same round again. Repeat 4 times. Remember to focus and really do the work with your abs and breathe out during the work phase (lifting your legs) and out when slowly putting them back down 👌🏼💦

Lots of love,


New HoH for Dogs capsule collection

7.4.20 - Irene Häggkvist

Dogs have been part of my life as long as I remember as later on horses too. I consider myself as a proud dod mom :) So for a long time I have thought to design a capsule collection for HoH for dogs, and finally it's launched! I couldn't be happier - two of my biggest dreams - to design comfortable athleisure wear for horse girls and cute outfits for dogs - are now true!

I'm really happy to see our HoH community growing and getting all the messages from you guys! They mean the world to me. Stay safe and let's stay in touch - online for now <3

Lots of love,

designer and founder of House of Horses Helsinki 

How Corona Affected Me So Far

3.4.20 - Alara Baykent

I never thought my time in Spain would end like this. Last time I rode, it was a beautiful sunset session, bareback… Little did I know that it would be the last time for a very long time. I don’t mind waiting as long as we can all stay healthy and the infected ones get better. What is driving me crazy is the unknown. Nobody knows when it will end, when things will go back to normal. Now I’m in Germany, mostly in my house, dreaming about the last sunset bareback ride I had in Spain. I can’t wait until this situation is over and I can ride freely again!

Welcome to follow our blog!

30.3.20 - Elina Kytilä

We are happy to be finally online with our blog! We will be posting all kinds of interesting topics here so stay tuned!

We wanna share more behind the scenes material and stories about our normal life, about HoH and horse girl life - so basically everything that is going on in life. We are glad to see you here - let's stay in touch and remember we are always happy to hear from you too! <3