Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

House of Horses Helsinki is proud to collaborate with people who share our values about human rights and the environment. We work with manufacturers from Turkey, China, Poland and Lithuania. Most of the factories have BSCI certificates and most are small family companies with the same passion like we do - creating long lasting fashion for customers to enjoy.

Our strategy is to avoid fast fashion by creating pieces that become our customer´s favorite outfits. We are animal lovers which is why we don’t want to use real down or fur, but our other options don’t compromise the quality. Our merino wool in Australian merino wool and mulesing free.

Due to the fact that we have an ongoing collection (not changing every season) we are able avoid waste production. Additionally, we don’t have sales as we don’t want to encourage people to buy clothes they don’t actually need.

We appreciate nature and want to be part of the sustainable society by making small gestures towards it every day, though we are not a completely sustainable brand yet.

We hope that also in the future we are able to go to the forests with our furry friends and enjoy the nature with them <3