Our Story

The founder of the brand Irene Mikaela Häggkvist got interested in horseback riding as an adult. By spending a lot of time at the stables and with her horses, she got to experience the whole horse world from a very close distance. She noticed one thing immediately: all of the clothes the riders wore were basically looking the same with very dark colors. The clothes were obviously very technical and only meant to be used during the actual riding and competitions. There weren’t any brands specialized in horse equipments and clothes from Finland.

Irene had an idea. She wanted to start her own brand filled with positive vibes and energy. She wanted the collection to be practical yet trendy. The color scheme definitely wouldn’t be dark and dull! Most importantly, the clothes should be so comfortable and cozy to wear that you never wouldn’t even want to take them off! House of Horses Helsinki™ was born and the brand officially launched and started its business in 2016.

Irene has studied fashion for example in Milan, Italy where she gets her inspiration for different kinds of colors and fashionable details. We especially love pink and aren’t afraid to use other bright and happy colors either!

You can see the Finnish style and origin in the practical and functional features of our products. Comfort is still the key element for us. It’s extremely important to us that every one of our products is designed and developed in Finland. Our Showroom and Concept Store is located in the capital city Helsinki.

We all have our favorite piece of clothing that we love to throw on whenever possible because we just love how cozy and comfortable it feels. HoH strives to be that for you!

Our collection is extending all the time. We’re constantly designing new products. Our style is always fresh and we have an on-going collection. We love our lovely customers and listen to their feedback and wishes carefully.

We’re a female-run family business and we’ve been awarded with the licensed Design From Finland mark.

It is extremely important to us that all of our products are Finnish origin and designed by us even to the tiniest detail. Our factories are all BSCI-licensed and located in Europe and Asia.

We currently have retailers in 13 different countries all over the world from Europe to Australia. Feel free to send us an e-mail to info@houseofhorses.fi if you’re interested in becoming a retailer or an agent!

You can follow our journey and the HoH-girls and HoH Squad all over the world on Instagram @houseofhorses_helsinki, on Twitter @HoH_Helsinki, on Pinterest House of Horses Helsinki and with the hashtags #houseofhorses #horsegirlandproudofit


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Mon - Friday: 8AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 9AM - 5PM

Phone: +1 123 456 789
Add: 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

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