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Bring good luck wherever you go with Amethyst! This stunning and popular crystal is known for its empowering and calming effects - perfect amulet for a horse riding competition or other big event.

Crystals have been used for different purposes since ancient times. Besides looking beautiful and even mysteriously intriguing, each crystal has its own special meaning. They can be used as a lucky amulet, a decorative piece in your home or as part of jewelry. Crystals make for an adorable gift for a special someone - your friend from the stables, mom, sister, or riding coach.

Amethysts are especially meant for: luck, calm, relaxation, health, peace, wellbeing, happiness, nature and encouragement.

The set includes:

  • a little pouch filled with glitter and glass stone and the Amethyst crystal
  • a card explaining the meaning inside
  • a pink House of Horses Helsinki ribbon to seal the pouch

Amethyst can be found in Finland. Our crystals are genuine and real quartz stones.

Materials: Gemstones / real amethyst crystal, glass stone 



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