A Story About True Connection

According to history, humans began domesticating horses around 4000 BC… let that sink in for a moment, because that is 6000 years ago! Almost every day we work with our horses; we groom them, we ride them, we connect with them. Isn’t it fascinating that humans discovered that horses could have this special bond with humans that long ago in history? 

I wanted to come on here to share a story with you all that I read last night. This is a story from thousands of years ago about an old man who owned several horses and was lost in the Sahara Desert with them. He had about 15 horses with him and they were walking in the desert, desperately looking for an oasis to get water. It had been hours of walking under the hot desert sun and they were feeling hopeless. All of a sudden some horses perked up. The old man looked ahead and couldn’t believe his eyes, because there was finally an oasis. The horses started galloping towards the source of water. The old man just stood there and whistled to call the horses back to him. Only five of the horses came back to the old man. The others kept galloping until they finally reached the water. The old man knew right there and then that those five horses that had stopped to turn around and come back to him were his heart horses. Even when they were parched, desperately in need of water, those five horses came back to the guy when he called them. After this incident, the old man had decided to breed those five horses, and it is rumored that the bloodline from those five horses still continue to this day. 

While hunger and thirst are rather extreme for a horse, it would be interesting to see what my horse would prefer in that moment. Would he stop to listen and come back to me? Or would he go with his instincts? 

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