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House of Horses Helsinki (HoH) was born in 2016 from an idea to bring something unique to the equestrian fashion world. I wanted to create the first equestrian fashion brand that was designed in Finland and that would stand out from the mainstream brands. The pink HoH-wardrobe quickly got its devoted fans around the world! Everything in HoH was created from scratch by me and later with the help of my amazing team, for which I am super grateful still to this day.

Nevertheless, during the last year, I got this feeling of not being able to develop HoH anymore to the next level it deserved to rise. I had a feeling I had already given everything I could to HoH. I started dreaming of moving to Milan, Italy, which is where I once studied fashion. I wanted to explore my opportunities in the fashion industry as a fashion designer. Then last fall, an opportunity to move to Milan came and I decided to seize it.

I started to look tentatively for a new owner for HoH - keeping in mind that my criteria were pretty high. I wanted to sell HoH to a female entrepreneur that had the same mentality like I did, rather than to a big faceless investment company. I got a lot of proposals that I ended up refusing. I felt like I owed it to HoH and the HoH community to find an owner that would have the mentality of a HoH girl and that would appreciate all the work done and most of all appreciate our customers, fans, community, producers, collaborators. I kept waiting for six months and then one day my phone rang.

From the first minute, I knew I had found the right person to continue the story of HoH! I decided to listen to my gut feeling. Heidi is my age, she’s Finnish, a hardworking female entrepreneur, and a HORSEGIRL (!) (she has two horses of her own and Finnish Lapphund Otava). Talking to her I realised that her visions and values matched HoH’s completely and we started to negotiate the deal.

Now I’m happy to announce that last week Heidi became the new owner of HoH!
I met her in Finland and took her some of our fair decorations, and when I returned home to Milan, I felt pure joy and happiness. HoH has finally got a new mama that has the visions, means and heart to grow HoH as one of the top equestrian brands in the world. I am confident Heidi will be everything HoH needs and will not let you guys down! Though I will be working outside HoH in the future, I will still give my continuous support and help to Heidi and HoH.

All the best to Heidi and HoH in the future, and lots of love to all of you guys! You guys made this journey unforgettable, and it’s only the beginning for HoH. <3



Feel free to follow me and Dolly on Instagram if you want to stay in touch, I’m always happy to hear from you guys!

@irenemikaela @dollythetoypoodle,

Any matters regards to HoH you can contact Heidi:

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