Babe You Look So Cool Jacket x La Vie en Rose Hoodies

In case you haven’t heard already, all the La Vie en Rose Hoodies are now in stock! Let’s quickly remind you of all the members of that line: We have the grey one, which pretty much goes well with anything and everything! The pink one is perfect for if you want to keep it simple, but want some color. The new additions, Nordic Limited Edition and Army Queen are the new comers, and boy have they made an entrance! Inspired by the snowy scenery of the North, Nordic edition comes in white jersey. Our designer Irene actually got an inspiration for this edition while she was on a designing holiday in Northern Finland. Silvery reindeer horns are implemented to our bestseller La vie En Rose embroidery, and the Nordic edition was born. The Army Queen is for anyone who wants to make a statement. The Army Queen color of this hoodie will definitely be an eye catcher! 

While we are very excited about our La Vie en Rose Line, we are also ecstatic about the Babe You Look So Cool Jacket and La Vie en Rose Hoodie combination. These two make the dream team of clothing! So far, our favorite hoodie to combine with the Babe You Look So Cool Jacket is the La Vie en Rose Nordic Edition, but you can combine it with any of them and it will still look amazing! If you are considering getting the jacket make sure to consider this lovely combo, as it will not only make you look great, but it will keep you warm too!  

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