Dreaming of Ruffle Dreams Jersey From HoH

Recently we announced a new addition to our collection, and in case you have missed it, let us introduce you to our beloved Ruffle Dreams!

This jersey gets its inspiration from the ruffle of the ball room gowns, but better yet, it is interpreted in the modern streetwear style. Due to its oversize fit, it’s the perfect top to wear over leggings or skinny jeans. Ruffle Dreams is guaranteed to add the unicorn dust touch that we love!

Tip: We absolutely love grey on grey, and therefore we think Ruffle Dreams looks gorgeous combined with our grey Unicorn Grip Leggings.

Sometimes you want to look fancy without having to put too much on, and that’s exactly why you need this piece in your wardrobe! The pink ruffles that curl around the arm add that chic and cute look that you might be after!

And if you’re in the “Horse girl, but make it fashion” state of mind, feel free to wear this top to the stable as well!

Tip: Our new Unicorn Lavender Socks that will come in stock very soon go fantastic with Ruffle Dreams, and they will definitely make your look “horse girl, but make it fashion”

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