Home HIIT workout

Hi everybody,

last time we had abs workout for riders and this time I thought that we could do a high intensity interval training  that you can do at home with your own body weight.

HIIT is super effective workout that improves your oxygen uptake, challenges muscles and speeds up your metabolism even hours after the workout! 

Now during Corona we might have more time than normally, but this workout doesn’t take much time so you can keep doing this also when the situation gets normal again 🤩 This is also super motivating because you can always challenge yourself to do one rep more than last time or work quicker 🙌🏼

The idea is to work those 30 seconds on as high intensity that you can and do as many reps that you can. For example on a pistol squat you go up and down for 30 sec as fast as you can and then you take the 10 sec rest and continue to the next movement. 

Do 4 rounds 💦

Here we go!

1. Burbee (work 30 sec, rest 10 sec)
2. Pistol squat (work 30 sec rest 30 sec)
3. Hip thrust with one leg (15 reps per a leg rest 10 sec)
4. Mountain climber (work 30 sec rest 3 minutes)

Lots of Love

Elina Kytilä

sales & marketing 

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