Layering Suggestions for the Cold Season - House of Horses Edition

Hey everyone,

Winter is fast approaching…. And if you are sensitive to the cold like me, you probably know how difficult it is to remain stylish in winter. It is always cold and windy and you never know how to dress. My biggest problem is that I am always freezing when walking around in the stable or getting my horse ready, but once I start to ride I am starting to undress because it is getting too warm… The suitable dress code I always follow during the cold season is layering. This means you wear several thinner layers instead of only one or two really thick ones. This helps you to dress or undress appropriately to your current activity. Layering also keeps you warmer because the body warmth is trapped between the layers and therefore the outfit offers better insulation. In preparation for the cold days I would like to give an example on how to correctly wear layers. For this I would like to present to you the ideal layering outfit - House of Horses Edition!

Lets start from the bottom:

The “Unicorn Grip Leggings” is a great leggings all year long. It will soon be available as a winter legging! Since it is very stretchy, I suggest to wear a pair of tights underneath, to keep even warmer. The leggings matches pretty well with our unicorn socks. Since it is mostly dark in winter, you can definitely wear the “Shine in the Dark Pants” over the leggings. It keeps you warm and makes you more visible at the same time!  Furthermore, water resistant and lined shoes help to keep your feet dry!

In winter it is very important to keep your wrists as well as the lower back warm. As bottom layer I would recommend the “Logo Long Sleeve”. It is made out of cotton, so you do not sweat too much and your whole upper body is covered.

Next is a hoodie from our collection. You can choose from a wide range such as the new “Hustle Hoodie”  or the “Candy Pocket Hoodie”. Another great choice for the coldest days would probably the “Teddy Bear Hoodie”. I reckon it is the warmest hoodie from our collection as its inside lining is very thick.

Next, what I like to do for further insulation of the body is to wear a vest. Also, a vest is great to ride in, whenever a jacket becomes too warm. The “Shine in the Dark Vest" would be very suitable here because it keeps you cozy but it is not too thick so it is possible to wear it underneath a jacket.

Which brings us to the last layer, the jacket. In order to fit all the previous layers, our new piece, the “Babe you Look so Cool” jacket is probably the perfect fit. The cute puff jacket helps to store the warmth generated by all the other layers.

To complete the HoH Layering Look, the headgear is an essential part. Keeping your head and neck warm during the cold season is very important and House of Horses has various solutions. I would definitely go with the “Hug Me Neckwarmer" and the matching headband. Furthermore, we have two different kinds of hats to choose from, the “Pom Pom Beanie” or the “”Be My Crown Beanie" which also are a great fit.

While we keep taking about keeping warm on the outside, why don’t you keep  yourself warm on the inside? With the Chilly’s X HoH Bottle you are able to bring warm beverages which help you defrost!

As for other accessories, do not forget the HoH Mask! Corona is still present and laws in some countries require you to wear masks in the stables.


I hope you got an idea on how to ideally dress during wintertime. Let's try to embrace winter and defy the cold! Stay warm y'all!



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