Lockdown Once Again, but We Have Something For You

It absolutely sucks to be going through lockdown once again, but it is what it is and all we can do is find ways to make the most of this time as well! Having to stay home is boring, but we have come up with something special to cheer you up -hopefully!

A little bit of shopping to add to your riding clothes wardrobe is always a good idea! Only until Friday, you add 3 items to your cart, but you only pay for 2! Since warmer days are upon us we have a few suggestions for you:

1. Batwing Baby: A lovely versatile jersey shirt with long cuffs and a wide cuff in the hip too - so you can wear it long or short above hips.  Jersey is heavy top quality French terry jersey that feels really soft on skin! Available for pre-orders NOW!

2. Gold Me Maybe Anorak: We know we simply can’t stop talking about this anorak, but there is a reason! It’s waterproof and windproof so perfect for all kinds of weather!

3. Stay At Home Sets: We have created these sets, which are absolutely perfect for the current lockdown situation! Everything you need for a perfect Netflix & Chill session!

We know better days are coming soon and we hope this offer will help cheer you up a bit! Remember, only valid until Friday!

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