New Year's Resolutions of an Equestrian

Hey guys,

Christmas flew by and now the year 2021 is imminent. From an early age I was asked to make resolutions for the coming year. Honestly, I am not sure if new year's resolutions are a good thing because I feel like if you want to set yourself some real goals, you do not have to wait until the new year arrives. But nonetheless it cannot hurt to plan on changing a few things in your daily routine.

I would like to suggest a few resolutions every equestrian could make for themselves:

1. Clean Your Tack 

I feel like most of us are a little lazy when it comes to cleaning our tack although it is really important to clean the leather frequently. So let's take this moment to promise each other to take better care of our tack.

2. Take Better Care of Your Boots

Do you know the feeling of having new boots and taking extra good care of them?It is a good feeling, isn't it? Well, after a few months this eagerness slackens and it happens that the boots are just being crammed int the back of the car. So let's treat our boots a little better from now on. 

3. Work on Your own Fitness Routine

While we always make sure that our horse is being trained well and builds up muscle, we keep forgetting ourselves. If we do not train correctly and are not fit enough we cannot expect out horse to perform well under the saddle. So let's get started with the workouts!

4. Work on Your Weaknesses

I know, it is a tiresome topic, but extremely important. We have to tackle our weaknesses in order to improve. It does not matter if it is lifting up your head while riding or improving on having a more stable leg. Any improvement will be appreciated by your horse and will make you a better rider. 

5. Do not Wear Your Daily Clothes in the Barn

It constantly happens to me when taking quick detours to the stable - I just don't bother to change into barn clothes. And in the end my white sneakers are full of mud or my clean coat is covered in slimy horse kisses. I will try and avoid wearing nice and clean clothes to the barn!


Could you relate to any of the mentioned points? How about we  motivate each other to improve in the coming year! Have a good start into 2021 and enjoy New Year's Eve! The past year has been hard on the most of us and let's hope that the coming year will be better!

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