Sofia & Art blogpost 1/3

Hey everybody!


I hope your summer has gone well and you have enjoyed the holiday season. I am Sofia and I’m 23-year-old Finnish horse enthusiast. I’m an amateur show jumper, and I train with my own horse Art of Action Z. “Art” is an eight-year-old grey gelding.


Art is a charming person - he is social and well-behaved and always begging for treats! Even though we train seriously, we both love to go on long hacks and gallop as hard as possible.


There are so many different ways to have fun with horses, and the richness of the hobby is one of its best aspects. One day we can do show jumping seriously, and the next day we can walk in the field looking for dandelions. I find that Art can do better when its workout is varies. He performs better, but in addition, he is in a better mood. That is why we do everything possible in a versatile way.


While Art is a jumper, he also loves hacking and wandering in the woods. Art is brave, so I can go anywhere with him – he’s not afraid of cars or anything else. Our biggest problem while hacking is Art’s bottomless stomach - he thinks every bush is an opportunity for a small snack.


When hacking, I often wear House of Horses Shine in The Dark -Vest. The vest is made of reflective material and it makes sure that as the evenings get dark, cars will notice us. In addition, Art has a reflective rug as well as reflective boots. Even though Art is brave, it’s a good idea to wear reflective gear. Cars can see us from afar and they know to slow.



Hacking is also a good time for us to relax together. We learn to trust each other better, have fun, and do things we both like. I was afraid of hacking before and I was nervous even to trot outside of our arena, but with Art I learned to like it! If you’re also nervous about hacking, it’s a good idea to start it in peace, even with short walks.

 Have a wonderful late summer and good luck with competitions!

 You can find me and Art on Instagram @kimoprojekti.


Xoxo, Sofia & Art


Pictures: Reetta Niva / @reettasphotos

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