We say Thank You! ❤️

All the shopping for Christmas is almost done, people are super busy organizing everything, in a few days it’s finally Christmas (24th here in Finland as rest of the World celebrates the 25th).
We take a second to look back before we head to holidays too. This year has been challenging to say the least, we had to rethink so much in HoH. The way we workthe way we produce - the way we grow. And we decided that this year is the year we don’t aim to grow but to sit back, breath and get to the bottom of what is HoH.
After Covid years we learned a new way to work and we love it - remote work! So we let our office go and now we work from wherever and we love it! Also outsourcing our stock and shipping systems to another company (that gets us!) enabled this to us.
As the global crisis hit we decided to focus on selling our stock, not order more - this was also our way to think the planet, we don’t want to order restock just for the thrill of new stuff before selling the old, we want to be sure to order things that our clients really want in order to avoid over consumptionand textile waste. So we’ve been launching less new models this year and our clients have been praising that! After all HoH is about classics that become your wardrobe favorites 🥰
And this year we started to go to eventsagain after Covid - and oh boy what fun it’s been! Seeing our customers that we’ve been chatting over phone and emails during the past years now face to face - feels amazing!
One thing we learned from the events that we are most grateful of, our customers are the BEST! Many of you came to tell about your first HoH piece, HoH memory (btw in our facebook group there’s a competition regarding to that, winner of the 150€ gift card will be selected after Christmas!) and comments about our models. We saw so many customers that described themselves as 100% HoH girl. That was heart warming and we were so touched.
While taking the steps back and being reminded what is HoH about, we found it again - it’s You, people, our customers and the positive pink unicorn vibes around the world 🦄💖
Therefore we say THANK YOU - we wouldn’t be here without you! ❤️
With warm Holiday greetings from HoH,

Irene, Johanna and Dolly 

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