Meet our powerhouse of a team that is behind House of Horses!




Irene - Owner & Founder

Irene is the heart of House of Horses Helsinki. She's in charge of how HoH looks visually and has crafted the brand herself right from the start.

Irene is active on social media, so if you DM us, there's a good chance you'll get a response from her!


Elina - Sales & Marketing

Elina is one half of our amazing sales and marketing team!

Elina is passionate especially about the marketing side of things, and brings her strong customer service skills to the HoH table. 


Johanna - Sales & Marketing

Johanna is the other half of our amazing sales and marketing team!

Johanna is a sales and growth expert, and is now in charge of our concept stores - the first of which we just opened in the city of Kotka!



Emma - Intern

Emma is our intern, who represents us in Germany.

 Whether we need support on the German market or a link between us and the lovely German HoH community, Emma is our go-to person!



Alara - Digital & Social Media Expert

Alara is our queen of Social Media. Whether it's Facebook or Instagram, she acts as the voice of HoH and creates ad campaigns for our products.



Anastasia - Model

Anastasia may be a familiar face: she helps bring the House of Horses Helsinki clothes to life, by showing our customers the many ways they can wear them. When Anastasia is not in photo shoots, she’s hitting business books with a goal of getting a stellar education.



Dolly - Barketing Manager

Dolly is a crucial part of the team: her responsibilities include looking cute, getting petted and sometimes barking.

To honor Dolly and her four-legged friends, we now have the cutest pullovers and bling collars in our shop.