Denim Meets Roses & Unicorns: Hello, La Vie en Rose Denim Jacket

Our La Vie en Rose Hoodies definitely made it to our bestsellers list. We had recently announced the arrival of two new La Vie en Rose Hoodies: Nordic and Army Queen, and you guys seemed to love it! We are ever so excited about the newest addition: La Vie en Rose Denim Jacket! 

This denim jacket has a boxy masculine boyfriend shape and worn out light blue color. The signature rose and unicorn embroidery in the back gives it a feminine and chic look. What we absolutely fell head over heels is this jacket combined with one of our La Vie en Rose Hoodies! The hood hanging over the back of the jacket is such cool and stylish look. While you can combine it with any of the hoodies, our favorites are the Nordic and grey one! The pink and Army Queen Hoodies would be great options too if you want to add some more color to your look. 

Another reason why we love this jacket is that you can wear it in a variety of different places: going to the stable to hang out with your horse? Get a few photos while you’re at it and tag us if you do so! Going to the city for a Sunday brunch with your friends? Wear the Jacket and Hoodie combination to look stylish but stay comfy! It’s still a Sunday after all, and we don’t want to compromise on comfort! 

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