HoH outfits in my daily life by Mia K.

Diary by our Mia, if you have been to our events you have most likely met her; she is a true HoH girl to the core!


Evening at the playground - Polar Bear Long hoodie kept me warm and Shine in the Dark pants made sure that I was seen during the walk home!


Tuesday night I went out for some pizza with a friend. Let me tell you, if you want to wear leggings and short knit, the True HoH girl shirt extender and collar are your best friend!


I had some time to chill, so I jumped into the comfiest La Vie en Rose Hoodie (btw the VERY last pieces are now in sale in the Last Chance category!)


In the afternoon it was time for groceries and apparently snow and rain as well. Easy choice; the HoH Raincoat in mint & HoH Heat Gaiters in pink! And under super comfy Girl Boss hoodie in black.


After an early morning chaos (yes I’m a toddler mom!) I got to enjoy my coffee. With Polar Bear Long hoodie of course. It’s like a warm hug 🧡


We went to our cabin to enjoy the sun. Shine In The Dark jacket was perfect for that sunny weather and I just can’t live without the HoH Heat Gaiters! (Btw did you know that gaiters are super trendy again?!)


I was at the gym, wearing the greatest HoH Seamless leggings on earth and the softest HoH Boxy T-shirt (btw did you know that it’s made of organic cotton and is therefore super soft!)

And here are some extra photos during week where HoH was with me - as always! ❤️

With love ❤️


(Btw are you coming to Tampere Hevoset Messut in April? See you there! ❤️ Our stand is A210)

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