Designer Diaries: Spring inspiration - 7 styles to set the mood for spring!

Hi, It’s me the designer and founder of HoH Irene and I wanted to create some spring inspiration mood boards for you guys! I used our collection and picked my faves and the ones that work best for the upcoming brighter and warmer days. It’s still snowing and freezing cold in Helsinki but as every year spring is just around the corner!

In House of Horses Helsinki we don’t have seasons, as many of you know, as I believe in the fact that almost all garments can go through the seasons mixed and matched (part from shorts and puffer jackets of course).  We don’t have seasons also because our collection doesn’t get dated, you can wear it trough the years. That’s our take on the environment issues and over consumption. Then of course we have some pieces that just doesn’t sell like others and some that we have only few pieces left - those you can find from our outlet!


Now to the looks I created to inspire you!


Look number 1: Sunday walk

The Gold me maybe anorak is perfect for the spring time, rain or shine it works on both, as you adjust what you wear underneath. The surface is water, wind and dirt repellent.  Our Seamless collection has been a hit! Color stone blue is lovely to combine with pastels for an example. Add You Sock my world socks and headband and you’re ready for your Sunday walk.

Look number 2:  Stable chic

 Quick ride and then hitting the town, or competition time and you want to look at your best? Our removable True HoH girl collar and shirt extensions save you in many occasions! Combined with our bestselling Unicorn Squad sweatshirt and To the Stars riding leggings in grey - now available for preorders in stock in April! The silver details match perfectly with Unicorn Squad sweatshirts silver details and those of collar’s too.

Look number 3:  Lavender gallop

We at HoH are obviously pink lovers but lavender tones have taken our heart too! The Girl Boss hoodie in lavender as we as our riding socks have been super popular amongs you guys too! Matched with the pink Bucket hat (from outlet) and upcoming To the Stars riding leggings vol. 2 in thinner black fabric perfect for summer.

Look number 4: Mauvelicious

Mauve color is one personal fave of mine, it’s not pink nor lavender but a smoky tone in between them. Marie Antoinette saddle pad is dashing velvet and the mauve tone looks amazing on it! Pair with our Mauve color To the Stars riding leggings and ballroom inspired Ruffle Dreams sweatshirt with amazing pink ruffles (from the outlet).

Look number 5: C’est la vie

This look screams hot summer days! Our distressed La vie en Rose denim shorts, with our Ribbed Seamless riding bra (inside padded so you can wear as a top too). Accessorize with Blush Latte cap and Saving for a Pony statement tote.




Look number 6:  City cowgirl

This look has attitude! Our black Boxy tee works also as a T-shirt dress so you might even skip the Terry Towel shorts (but as they are in the outlet you might not want to). Dance with me denim jacket is our sales manager Johanna’s favorite piece - it has attitude but it’s still girly and stylish - perfect summer staple!


Look number 7:  Barn babe

 For those days that you go to the barn but are not riding - our classic HoH Hoodie vol. 3 (first ever HoH piece a classic from 2017! Now already in its third version). La vie en rose Denim shorts paired with our technical T-shirt Unicorn Dust in lovely lavender tone or pink. Grab your coffee to go in our Stojo biggie cup.


Hopefully this gave you new inspiration how to use and combine HoH! We are always here for you for any ideas or feedback you have you can write to us at


You can follow me in IG @irenemikaela for my personal account or Dolly (my poodle) in @dollythetoypoodle if you feel like it. I love to stay close to our customers!


Have an awesome week, sending lots of positive vibes wherever you are! ❤️



Designer and founder of HoH / HoH for Dogs

Master of Fashion Design

IG @houseofhorses_helsinki @hohfordogs


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