Equestrian Dreams Are Made of Velvet Saddle Pads

Let’s be honest… an equestrian can simply not have just one or two saddle pads, because we are all about the variety of colors, the matchy-matchy of our riding clothes & the saddle pads. So it’s safe to say, the more saddle pads the merrier! 

We have two new gorgeous saddle pads: Ludvig Verde and Marie Antoinette. Ludvig Verde is in a beautiful old turquoise emerald colored velvet, detailed with luxurious cords of silver, gold, pink/white/grey, and Marie Antoinette is in mauve colored velvet, detailed with the same luxurious cords of Ludvig Verde. Both of these saddle pads are very eye catching and yet subtle at the same time, because the velvet exterior is not something you see every day when it comes to saddle pads. They are subtle at the same time, because the the colors of both saddle pads go well with all kinds of horse colors. 

When it comes to quality of the pads, of course, it’s nothing short of best Italian quality. Not only do the pads look beautiful, but they feel good on your horse’s back too; the sweat-wicking feature is definitely one of the most important reasons why these saddle pads are making it to the top of the list of our “Favorite Saddle Pads” 


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