Let’s Get Ready for Spring!

Hey everyone,

This week I was able to visit my sister in her new home in Lugano. And for a short while I considered also moving into more southern parts of Europe. Because spring is already fast approaching down there. Or did summer just never leave?

Do you also love these moments when you realize that winter is slowly coming to an end? Days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and the snow is slowly melting and water is dropping from the roofs. It feels like everything is starting to wake up after a long and cold period of darkness. Many people also experience a change in their mood and become increasingly happier once the spring season starts. 

I think this whole change is often represented in the choice of clothing. I catch myself usually wearing dark colors in winter, whereas during summertime I mostly wear white, blue and pinkish colors. I wanted to present you the HoH clothing pieces, I think would be perfect for spring:


La Vie en Rose Hoodie

This hoodie is the perfect hoodie for spring. Of course it keeps warm, especially your back, even if it is still colder. But I mean look at the details. The blooming roses are the perfect representation of spring. The fresh colors of the hoodies can only lighten up your mood. So this would definitely be my number one choice for the coming months. The hoodie is also available in pink, grey and white!


🌹Check out our whole La Vie en Rose Collection:🌹


You Sock my World Socks

These cute socks are great to any summery outfit. Especially with shorts and sneakers, these cute socks are a great eye-catcher! They are in stock right now, so don't forget to secure yourself a pair!


La Vie en Rose Denim Jacket

Have you seen one of the newest additions to the La Vie en Rose collection? This cute jacket obviously has the same cute details as all other La Vie en Rose products, but this oversized jacket just looks particularly stunning!  Denim is definitely a summer thing, so you better get ready!


Check out our website and decide for yourself which products feel most like spring to you! And try to forget the past dull months and look ahead. Everything is better when the world is bright and filled with sunshine, green and laughter. 

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