New From House of Horses: Batwing Baby

How good is it to have that one piece of clothing item that you can combine with anything and wear anywhere? Well, it definitely makes life a lot easier when it comes to deciding what you will be wearing every day!

Made From heavy top quality French terry jersey, Batwing Baby is soon to be in stock! Why do we love this new jersey shirt so much? First of all, it feels super soft on the skin, making it the perfect top to wear outdoors and indoors! Considering that most of us are still in quarantine, Batwing Baby is definitely a must-have! Secondly, the variety in styles; you can either wear it short at the hip or long below.

Tip: We love to combine Batwing Baby with HoH Chill Shorts and HoH Heat Gaiters for a cozy look!

This versatile jersey shirt will be available in 2 different colors: Army Queen and Dark Grey Melange. Having both colors would be perfect as you can style many different looks for both going out or staying home and being a quarantine queen!

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