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Ouch - when something happens


The end of our competition season with Art was miserable. I fell down at a showjumping competition and injured my shoulder. Of course, I went to see the doctor right away, but it wasn’t until more than a week later that I found out that my shoulder was broken. What was most annoying is that the situation was not even a dramatic fell, but rather a soft bump on the ground.


What now? I have a ban on not straining my shoulder for a few weeks. Art also had an annual fall check-up at the vet, so its exercises has also been eased. Fortunately, there is a large community around us that is reaching to us for a helping hand.


One of the best aspects of our hobby is our wonderful community. I’ve met many of my friends at the stables and gotten to meet numerous nice people there too. There will never be a quiet moment when everyone is talking about their passion - horses! The same day I fell down, several friends called, that help would be available if I needed to. So, the very next day, a skilled friend from my stable rode Art as I was healing my shoulder. Shoutout to House of Horses Shine in The Dark -vest, it was the only piece of clothing that I could get on myself without being assisted, when my shoulder was hurting even more and I had troubles! Practical and stylish, huh?


I want to encourage everyone to look around the stable. Reaching out a helping hand costs nothing, and frequently done good deeds will return to you in the future. Help me and I will help you is a good way of thinking. The friendly people are the best and I always too try to be nice to everyone. The most memorable people at the stables are those who are known to be nice - luckily there have been more of them along the way than I can count!


But why did Art go to the vet? I tend to use the horse regularly at the vet, where its legs, back and general well-being are checked by a professional in the field. Since training with an amateur puts a lot of strain on it, I want to check regularly that it is doing well physically. In addition, it is treated regularly by a physiotherapist and a masseur.


First check is usually somewhere between March and April, after training season but before competition season. The second check of the year will be done in the fall after the competition season and now was a good time for it. Arts legs were healthy, but a small problem area in his back was treated. Now Art is moving lightly for a month, after which we go for a control check. Then he should be like new, and we can continue training. In addition, I thought that perhaps the saddle should also be checked by a professional, as Art has gained more back muscles.


So, we’ve had a bit of misfortune on the trip, but to quote one of my favorite fairy tale characters, “maybe there are storms just to get a sunrise after them”. Towards the next season, healthy and stronger!


With love

Sofia & Art

Pictures: Aada Lätti

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