The Importance of Variety In Your Horse’s Training

Now, I’m no trainer or expert of any kind, but I listen when my horse is trying to tell me something. There was a time when I thought my horse had to be worked out properly several times a week, and his schedule was set.

I have a completely different approach now, and I feel like we are better friends now. First of all, I change his schedule as we go, depending on how he feels. If he feels very motivated and energetic on the days he would normally just get lunged, I switch it up and do some pole exercises, for example. If he feels tired on days he would have a jumping training, I either give him a day off or lunge him so he can stretch!

A new thing we started doing is hacking out at least once a week, because he loves it so much and it’s good for his mind to not go in the arena one day of the week! He especially loves it when we do a long canter through the fields!

In the end, we always have to listen to our horses! Remember, they can’t speak for themselves and as their owners it is our responsibility that they are not only physically in a good shape, but mentally as well!

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