La vie en Rosé Nordic edition design process

Every year I go away from Helsinki to design new pieces and focus on the upcoming collection. Last year I was in Milan for three weeks, this year I was in Ruka, Finnish Lapland for a month. I’ve been there since I was a kid as we have a cabin there so it’s a very dear place to me.


I was cleaning my Unicorn van and took the roses out and threw them on snow (my van is full of roses and fairy lights, isn’t every girls van 😅) Then I had bought few reindeer horns (another 😅) and threw them next to the roses. While I was cleaning my car I looked at the roses and horns - I ran inside took my camera and started to take some pictures. Then Johanna from our Helsinki HQ called and I answered “I can’t now, I’m too busy having an inspiration of horns and roses!”


Next thing I know I was sketching the Nordic edition and now it’s already in production at our Turkish factory.

Sometimes inspirations come from the oddest places and that’s the magic of it really - I’m so happy you guys like the Nordic edition so much! Makes my heart melt ❤️


Also a fun fact - when I sent the design to our store in Helsinki Elina and Johanna started to scream as they loved it so much. It’s always a bit nerve racking to put your designs out in the public for “valuation” 🙊


This is Elina’s face when trying on the Nordic edition - needles to say La vie en rose is her favorite hoodie 🥰



Thank you to every one of you, have a lovely Christmas week 🥰



Designer and founder of HoH 🦄




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