The Gift of Giving

 Hey everyone,

Christmas is right around the corner and the calm and quiet time of the year is about to begin. Whenever I start to think about what presents to get for my family and friends I realize one thing: I like giving presents to others way more than receiving them. I put a lot of thought and effort into finding gifts for my loved ones and eventually cannot wait to give the presents away. It makes me feel very happy and content. Even as a kid, I always wanted my parents to open their gifts before I did. Do you want to enjoy the pleasure to finding the right gifts? Because I guarantee you, it's worth it! Maybe we can support you a little, because we might just have the right gifts for you!

First of all, we are offering Christmas bundles which are being delivered in a very cute, christmassy gift box. I'm sure, you'll find a bundle for every type of person.  But we are not only trying to make others happy with our bundles. All other House of Horses products were designed and produced with care and we are putting much love into each and one of them: Which is why all products could be great gifts for anyone who loves pink, or anyone who is into horses or dogs. Because we love what we do and we would like to share this love with others.

What I can definitely recommend at the moment is the "Shine in the Dark" collection, as the shortest day of the year is fast approaching. Also, anything that will keep you warm will probably be highly appreciated by the people you make a present to. We can't wait to show you our thick winter leggings! They will be a great addition to our winter clothing.  What I recently found out, and this is a secret tip for all puppy owners - the candy pocket is more multifunctional than I previously thought. This is why I think the "Candy Pocket Hoodie" and the "College Hoodie" really make a great and thoughtful present. 

But it's not always about presents. Nice gestures make people just as happy. Surprise your grandma with a visit and some chocolate, or call a friend you have not talked to in a while. It will make you and fellow human beings feel good and valued. Especially during the times of Corona, some people might be grateful for someone who cares just a little more.

And let's not forget our beloved pets. They will definitely appreciate some extra treats and cuddles. Take a longer walk with your dog or go on a relaxing hack with your horse instead of having a harsh dressage lesson. This time is all about making others feel good. Because seeing or hearing people smile because they feel appreciated and having content and happy pets only makes the Christmas time worthwhile.

In this sense:

Happy holidays everyone! 

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