Things Horse Riders do in Spring

Hey guys!

Have you also been eagerly awaiting spring time? I feel like spring is such a turning point for a horse rider. Because, let’s be honest, winter is just not the best season for an equestrian. The warmer weather is just a very freeing feeling. It is time to say farewell to heavy blankets, thick fur and cold feet. Here is some things and activities for spring time:


1. Spring-Cleaning

The only bad thing about spring is probably the fact that it is shedding season as well. Which basically means: Hair is everywhere…. On your clothes, in your closet and bathroom. It is definitely time to clean a little at home. Wash your winter clothes, and sort some out if you do not wear them all anymore. Also, it is time to slowy get your summer clothes out! Clean your horses winter blankets, and free all your brushes of the remains of the winter coat. Maybe you should also get rid of some dust on your tack? Spring definitely is a busy season!


2. Ride Outside

Finally the ground is not frozen all the time, so you can ride outside on a regular basis. Where I live it is usually possible all year long, as long as it does not freeze or rain too much. But in other areas you might not have the chance to do that. So go use your outside arenas or hack out. But keep in mind that your horse might be a little spooky especially when they already had spring grass. I also really appreciate the fact, that it is possible to hack out in the evenings, because it is still light outside. Why don't you call some friends and plan a little trail ride together?


3. Spring Shopping

Probably the most important activity! I mostly buy new stuff in spring. There is usually some things everybody will need, maybe a new fly rug or new tendon boots for the field. But also, who does not like to look at the new spring collections, all the equestrian brands are launching! It is time for new spring outfits for your horse and yourself! The more color, the better! Have you checked out our newly launched items yet?You will definitely find some flashy new spring colors! I would definitely recommend the new raincoats in mint and pink or the new velvety saddle pads.


4. Plan for Shows and Trips

Now is the perfect time to plan when and where you will be entering competitions. Get information on when the deadlines for the show entries are and make sure your horse has some breaks in between. Let’s hope, that Corona allows us to have a normal show season this year. Good luck to everyone competing! Also, if you are planning any trips with your horse, spring time can be the ideal time. It is  not too warm yet and there is not as many bugs as in summer. How about a ride at the beach or a dressage/jumping course which lasts several days?


5. Plan a Training Schedule

Especially before the show season starts it might be helpful to map out a plan of how you want to train your horse. Disregarding your discipline you can always work on your horses muscle formation, endurance, rideability or contact to the bit for example. You might want to use a galopp track or do some pole work. Whatever you think your horse needs most. Although, this does not necessarily apply to a spring activity, you do have more training opportunities during the warm season.


Enjoy spring as long as it lasts! And beware of the bugs which will be coming soon!



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