Why shall we choose organic cotton?

While wearing organic cotton, you look good and respect your planet at the same time.

But why the fuss with organic cotton, they’ve always told us cotton is natural and good for the environment right?

 As we all know already cotton is a natural fiber. Yes, it is!

But what we do not know is growing cotton is not very sustainable when compared to organic cotton!

We love cotton, and always prefer cotton and other natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers, but there are always more reasons to choose organic cotton.

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Let’s see some of the advantages we provide to ourselves and Planet Earth when we choose organic cotton:  

  • Preventing Chemical Use

If certified by USDA, growing organic cotton is chemical free, keeping the water and soil clean!

Cotton uses lots of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and which are very popular among the farmers.

While these chemicals help cotton to grow faster, they cause soil and waterways to be affected.

When soil is affected, the other crops are affected and polluted as well.

While growing cotton water pollution increases nearly %98 when compared to organic cotton. 

  • Happy Skins 😊

Using organic cotton which softer than conventional cotton, you also care for yourselves!

If you are sensitive to chemicals or have skin allergies, organic cotton is definitely more friendly to your skin.

  • Long Lasting & Durable

Clothing made with organic cotton is more durable and long lasting, which is a big benefit for environment and our budgets!

As a ecofriendly customer, you should always prefer garments which last longer, durable clothes are one of the key elements for sustainable shopping since the environmental impact of fashion also depends on life span of our clothes.

  • No Micro Plastics

Being a natural fiber, organic cotton products complete their life cycles keeping the world clean.

Synthetic clothing (non-natural fibers such as polyester) releases micro plastics with their every wash, polluting our waters.

During house wash we keep both our clothes & Earth clean if we choose organic cotton.





Senem Arat Murat

Maia Sourcing

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