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Our Story

The story of House of Horses begins with Irene, the owner and founder, getting into horse riding as an adult and realizing that the equestrian fashion is quite technical and only meant for riding, but not the most colorful and diverse in terms of functionality.

Being a fashion designer and an equestrian, Irene decides to create her own brand for equestrian clothing that is not only practical for riding, but also trendy for outside of the stable. Through that, House of Horses Helsinki was born, and the brand officially launched in 2017.

Having the Finnish style and origin in terms of practicality and functionality, House of Horses clothes are always designed with comfort in mind- both for the rider and non-rider! Irene gets the color and detail inspiration from the times she studied in Milan, Italy. We especially love pink, in case you haven’t noticed!

All of our products are designed and developed here in Finland, and it is of great importance to us that we always stay in touch with our roots.

Our collection is constantly growing with our desire to always have a fresh style and along with the feedback we get from our lovely HoH community!

We all have our favorite piece of clothing that we love to throw on whenever possible, because it’s just so cozy and comfortable; House of Horses strives to be that for you! 

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